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Protecting your customers, employees and brand

FraudAt is proprietary security software which combats phishing attacks.

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What are phishing attacks?

A phishing attack is usually a fraudulent email message, which entices users into clicking a link or downloading an attachment. The purpose is to obtain confidential information which can then be used to carry out fraud, obtain loans, make purchases in your name, or a myriad of other fraudulent activities. As the internet becomes more important in our daily lives, phishing attacks continue to grow both in quantity and complexity.

Fraudulent websites

A user clicks a link which takes them to a lookalike website, where they may mistakenly put their login credentials. These are then collected by the fraudsters.

Unsafe attachments

A user downloads an attachment, which secretly logs everything they do including their confidential passwords. This information is then fed to the fraudsters.


Phishing attacks confuse customers, erode their trust in you and reduce brand value. These attacks can be devastating for your customers who find their sensitive data compromised.

Meet FraudAt

Our proprietary security software determines the legitimacy of emails. Your company is provided with a Fradud@ email. If your customer receives a suspicious email purporting to be from you, they forward it to

Within one minute our system checks its legitimacy using key matching, content analysis and intelligent algorithms, then returns the result to you and your customer.

All data about the attacks is logged to prevent further attacks and educate users which:

Combats further attempts
Builds confidence in the brand
Makes your job easier
Makes your company more secure
How big is this problem?

Phishing emails can be sent to a huge number of email addresses at once using zombie computers or botnets, but nowadays phishing also exists in social media and apps.

Recent statistics tell us that:


65% of attacker groups used spear phishing as the primary infection vector


of malware was delivered via email


of organizations experienced a phishing attack in 2018


of IT professionals feel their security teams are unprepared for today’s cybersecurity challenges


of organizations say their security reporting does not meet their expectations


of companies consider ransomware to be their biggest threat


of breaches associated with a nation-state or state-affiliated actors involved phishing


of targeted attacks involved the use of spear-phishing emails


of malware is installed via malicious email attachments


of social attacks were phishing related

Click here to view our source and even more statistics.


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